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Digital downloads are currently available from this site for:
ORGAN SOUND COLOURS Vol 1 – Price £14.99 (or available as Physical copies available from the distributers price £20.00 plus shipping)
PIANO SOUND COLOURS Vol 1 – Price £9.99 (or available as Physical copies available from the distributers price £15.00 plus shipping)

All other choral, vocal and instrumental works listed below are currently available in physical copies only from our distributors:
Forsyth’s Music Shop Manchester 
RSCM Music Direct

For clarity, the following code to identify the level of difficulty has been added:
E = Easy – ME = Moderately easy – D = Difficult – MD = Moderately difficult

We also hope to provide MP3 recordings soon of the titles listed below without audio links.


A Great & Mighty Wonder SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBN: PPCH031 ME

Angels & Shepherds SATB + Keyboard £1.60 ISBNPPCH020 ME

Angels From the Realms Of Glory £1.90 ISBNPPCH022 MD

A Ragtime Carol SATB + Keyboard £1.60 ISBNPPCH021 ME

A Tender Shoot SATB A Cappella £1.90 ISBNPPCH030 MD

Balulalow SATB + Organ £1.90 ISBNPPCH045 ME
(Recorded by Bangor Cathedral Choir in 2016 – Directed by Paul Booth)

Christmas Carousel SA + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCHSA012 ME

Christmas Carousel SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCH012 ME

Cradle Song SATB + Keyboard £1.90 ISBNPPCH037 MD

Crown of Light SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCH014 ME

Deck The Hall SATB + Keyboard £1,60 SBNPPCH024 ME

Dormi Jesu SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCH035 ME

Gabriel’s Voice SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCH001 ME

I Sing of a Maiden SATB A Cappella £1.80 ISBN: PPCH047 MD

In Dulci Jubilo SATB Organ & Solo £1.60 ISBNPPCH025 ME

In the Bleak Mid-Winter SATB + Keyboard £1.95 ISBNPPCH027 ME

King Jesus Hath A Garden SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCH026 ME

Love Came Down At Christmas SATB A Cappella £1.60 ISBNPPCH017 +++ E

Lullay My Liking SATB Soprano solo A Cappella £1.80 ISBNPPCH002 MD

My Dancing Day SATB + Keyboard £1.60 ISBNPPCH003 ME

O Come, O Come Emmanuel SAB + Keyboard £1.95 ISBNPPCH048 ME

O Little Town Of Bethlehem SAB & Piano £1.40 ISBNPPCH004 ME

O Magnum Mysterium SATB A Cappella £1.60 ISBNPPCH005 MD

Sans Day Carol SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCH016 ME

Sussex Carol SATB Solo + Keyboard £1.40 ISBNPPCH008 ME

Welcome the Star (Scottish Carol) SATB Solo instrument + Keyboard £1.60 ISBNPPCH006 ME

See Amid the Winter’s Snow SATB + Keyboard £1.95 ISBNPPCH052 MD

See Him Born SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPCH007 ME

Sweet Baby Sleep SATB + Keyboard £1.40 ISBNPPCH009 ME

There Is No Rose SATB A Cappella £1.60 ISBNPPCH017 +++ MD

With One Voice SATB + Keyboard £1.95 ISBNPPCH011 MD

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In £1.95 ISBN: PPCH054 (PDF file only) MD ‘

When Christ was Born of Mary Free SATB & Organ £1.95 ISBN: PPCH049 (PDF file only) MD

While Shepherd’s Watched £1.95 ISBN PPCH053 ME

(+++ = The two titles above are published together in a booklet)


Jubiate in C SATB + Organ £1.95 ISBNPPL005 D

Jubilate in C (Solo/Unison) 1.95 ISBNPPL006 ME

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in G SATB + Organ £2.00 ISBNPPL001 MD

Venite (Psalm 95?) Solo/Unison & Piano (Rite 1) £2.00 ISBNPPL007 ME

Venite (Psalm 95?) Solo/Unison & Piano (Rite 2) £2.00 ISBNPPL008 ME

Versicles & Responses in G (A Cappella) £1.80 ISBNPPL003 MD

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in F SATB + Organ £2.40 ISBNPPL002 MD

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in C SAB + Organ £1.95 ISBNPPL010 ME


A Blessing SATB + Soprano solo + keyboard £1.60 ISBNPPA001 ME

Ave Verum SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPA003 ME

Come Holy Ghost SATB + Organ £1.80 ISBNPPA018 ME

God Be In My Head SATB A Cappella £1.60 ISBNPPA009 MD

Holy, Holy, Holy SATB + Keyboard £1.60 ISBNPPA014 ME

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes SATB + solo + Organ £1.60 ISBNPPA004 MD

Let All The World in Every Corner Sing SATB + Organ £1.80 ISBNPPA006 ME

Lead Us Heavenly Father (SATB + Keyboard) £1.60 ISBNPPA013 E

Lead Us Heavenly Father (Solo/Unison + Keyboard) £1.60 ISBN: PPA023 E

O Praise God In His Holiness SATB + Organ £1.80 ISBNPPA011 MD

O Sing A New Song SATB + Organ £1.60 ISBNPPA012 ME

Set Me As a Seal SATB A Cappella £1.80 ISBNPPA002 MD

The Lord Bless You and Keep You SATB + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPA007 E

We Will Remember Them SATB, Solo + Keyboard £1.80 ISBNPPA020 ME


Jesus Christ Is Risen Today SATB A Cappella £1.80 ISBNPPA005 MD

O Sons And Daughters – SAB + Organ) £1.80 ISBN: PPA022 ME

The Strife is O’er SATB + Organ £1.80 ISBNPPA008 MD

This Joyful Eastertide SATB & Organ £1.80 ISBNPPA010 MD

Although some titles are marked for organ accompaniment, most will work for keyboard accompaniment


O Mistress Mine SATB + Keyboard £1.90 ISBNPPSEC001 ME

Marriage Blessing SATB + Keyboard £2.45 ISBNPPSEC003 MD

Fear No More the Heat o’ The Sun SATB + Keyboard £1.90 ISBNPPSEC002 ME

How Sweet the Moonlight SATB + Keyboard £1.95 ISBNPPSEC004 ME


The Moon £3.50 ISBNPPSGS001 E

The Hayloft 33.50 ISBNPPSGS002 E

From A Railway Carriage £4.00 ISBNPPSGS003 ME


ORGAN SOUND COLOURS Vol 1 Publisher: Parish Publications ISBN: PPOSCS001

Downloadable from this site: Price £14.99or available as Physical copies available from the distributers price of £20.00 plus shipping.

New from Parish Publications, an exciting organ album entitled ‘Organ Sound Colours’ (Volume 1) ‘ by Ian Higginson (PPOSCS001). A versatile collection of 12 contrasting pieces, some original compositions, and some based on well-known hymn tunes, varying in difficulty and style, which are suitable for all occasions.

Price £20.00 Album includes: Trumpet Tune in G ~ Postlude on “Forty Days & Forty Nights” ~ Processional ~ Prelude on ‘There is a Green Hill Far Away”~ Dance on B.A.C.H. ~ Prelude on “Drop, Drop Slow Tears” ~ Postlude on “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today” ~ Improvisation ~ Scherzo ~ Intermezzo ~ Postlude on ‘Thine Be The Glory” ~ Sortie in Bb. This is the first book in the new ‘Sound Colour Series,’ which seeks to explore tonal variety, contrasting compositional styles and a wide range of Ian’s instrumental and vocal music.

“Such is the author’s natural musicianship and command of his instrument that one may defy any organist, on opening the volume, not to wish to play one or more of the pieces immediately” – The Organ, September 2020


PIANO SOUND COLOURS Vol 1 – Publisher: Parish Publications ISBN: PPPSCS001

The second book in the “Sound Colours” series, which is a collection of ten new and diverse piano solos, which seek to explore tonal variety and contrasting compositional styles and a wide range of Ian’s instrumental and vocal music.

Downloadable from this site Price £9.99 or available as Physical copies available from the distributers price £15.00 plus shipping.


‘Flute Sound Colours’ Volume 1
Available Soon